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Bodybuilding Quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger

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The better you get, the less you run around showing off as a muscle guy. you know, you wear regular shirts-not always trying to show off what you have. you talk less about it. it's like you have a little BMW-you want to race the hell out of this car, because you know it's just going 110. but if you see guys driving a ferrari or a lamborghini, they slide around at 60 on the freeway because they know if they press on that accelerator they are going to go 170. these things are the same in every field.

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there are some girls who are turned on by my body, and some others who are turned off. but for the majority i just use it as a conversation piece. like someone walking a cheetah down 42nd street would have a natural conversation piece. then when they get to talking to me they see i am not mean but gentle to them and thats all they want to know

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It is as satisfying to me as coming is - you know, as having sex with a woman and coming. So can you believe how much I am in heaven? I am, like, getting the feeling of coming in the gym. I'm getting the feeling of coming at home. I'm getting the feeling of coming backstage when I pump up.When I pose out in front of 5.000 people I get the same feeling. So I'm coming day and night. great huh

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what i'm doing is the thing i want to do. i don't care what other people think. if the rest of the world disagrees and says i shouldn't waste my time, i still will be a bodybuilder. i love it. i love the felling in my muscles, i love the competition, and i love the things it gives me. i have never really had to work in my whole life. i've never had an eight-to-six job. i've always made good money. i've travelled all over the world competing and giving exhibitions. i've made a living out of a pastime, which perhaps only five percent of the population can do. the other ninety-five percent are frustrated office workers, working for someone else. i'm totally independant. so, i ... feel ... if i would live again ... or if i would be born again, i would do exactly the same thing.

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the only way to be a champion is by going through these forced reps and the torture and pain. that's why i call it the torture routine. because it's like forced torture. torturing my body. what helps me is to think of this pain as pleasure. pain makes me grow. growing is what i want. therefore for me, pain is pleasure. and so when i experience pain i'm in heaven. it's great. people suggest this is masochistic. but they're wrong. i like pain at a particular moment for a particular reason. i don't like needles stuck in my arm. but i do like the pain that i necessary to be a champion.

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