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Power, Rep Range, Shock - Grow Without Plateau
Muscle is composed of bundles of muscle fibers also known as myofibers. Each fiber contains myofibrils, which themselves are composed of small bundles of myofilaments.
Integrating Low-Intensity Plyometrics into Strength and Conditioning Programs
This article will define plyometrics and provide a basis of understanding for functional progressions leading up to plyometric exercises
Hypertrophy and Load
resistance training induced hypertrophy is inextricably linked to its participating variables, such as frequency, load, rest intervals, and the number of sets
Biomechanics and the Bench Press
How many times since you've been going to the gym have you heard, "Dude, how much can you BENCH?" If you've been training for a while, I would venture to guess quite a few. Big bench pressers are always highly revered, especially because someone with a massive bench can inspire everyone, not just powerlifters. To top it all off, the bench press is the only true test of upper body strength in a powerlifting meet. Finally, and let's be honest here, who doesn't want a big bench?

Bodybuilding on a Budget
As you probably remember the last time you looked at a proposed grocery list or visited the nearest supplement store, you realized you needed to take out an equity loan first in order to get your month’s supply of food and supplements.
Cold Weather Workouts
Just as summer heat is a serious factor to consider, the chilly winter months can put a freeze on your outdoor workouts. The biggest concern for exercising in the cold is hypothermia, or too much heat loss. When you exercise in a cold environment you must consider one primary factor: how much heat will your body lose during exercise?
Deadlift Exercise
If you are looking to develop your lower back and legs, the Deadlift should be a central part of your fitness routine. But for whatever reason, this exercise is sadly neglected by trainers, with most opting for the squat to get their leg and back worked. While this makes some sense because the squat is a tremendously effective exercise, there are a few reasons lifters should consider switching over to the Deadlift
How to Improve the Sumo Deadlift
There is a common phrase in powerlifting circles that states, The meet doesn't start until the bar hits the floor. I'm not sure if that's entirely true, but I do know that the deadlift is your last chance to move up in the standings. There are two major forms of the deadlift used in competition: the conventional deadlift, where the feet are close together, and the sumo deadlift, where the feet are spread apart, much like a sumo wrestler would start in his beginning position.
15 Ways To Increase Your Benchpress
Without a doubt, the most coveted and respected lift in the iron game is the barbell bench press. Ironically, no other lift is the source of so much frustration either. Sticking points and plateaus seem to trouble nearly everyone at one time or another. It's not uncommon for someone to spend months or even years benching the same amount of weight with no improvement at all - but it doesn't have to be that way
10 Tips to Make It BIG as a Natural Bodybuilder
In addition to the hard work and slow progress of natural bodybuilding, many of the toughest obstacles are generated by our own negative thoughts. How many times have you heard a natural justify a loss because the other guy was on drugs? Or worse, how many naturals do you know who progress to a point, then stop, because to get any further they think they need to do drugs?
Resistance Training - Part I: Considerations in Maximizing Sport Performance
The need for strength and endurance in sports is accepted by most coaches and athletes. In spite of evidence for direct transfer to performance and injury prevention, the role of strength and endurance is often perceived as indirect or foundational. Indeed, strength is often incorrectly thought to be independent from (or incompatible with) movement velocity, when in fact the latter is a result of force application. Considering that technical precision and speed of execution are fundamental goals of sports, this realization is crucial in order to achieve optimal training effects and performance.
Resistance Training - Part 2: Considerations in Maximizing Sport Performance
Basic exercises are exactly that - basic. In general, they are very straightforward and there is little need to substitute other movements in their place or supplement them with different types of assistance exercises intended to target the muscles differently. This is not a concrete rule, however, and some prudent alternatives are offered below. Long-term variety is often best achieved by adjusting the workload for a limited number of movements rather than attempting to include every possible exercise. Commonly used exercises include squats, pulling movements and presses
The Squat
My first 3-part article series dealt with how you can use biomechanics and technique to improve your total. However, choosing the right exercises and performing them correctly in your daily workouts can go a long way to improving your total as well. This first article will describe common exercises performed to improve your squat.
How to Improve the Wide Stance Squat
Squatting…like it or not, you just have to do it if you are serious about getting strong! There are two main ways of squatting today; one being the high bar, narrow stance squat (Olympic squat), and the other being a wide-stance, low bar squat (Powerlifting or Power squat).
10 Most Common Workout Mistakes
If you're a beginner, your body isn’t prepared for the types of strains exercise can place on it. As a result, engaging in an exercise program with little foresight and planning can lead to burnout, frustration and injury.

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