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Stay Low and PULL!
Harness pulling is a very popular strongman event. Powerlifters like sled work to help with their GPP (General Physical Preparedness). You load up a sled and pull it in a bunch of different ways. This is great for recuperation and physical preparedness
Converting to Sumo Deadlifting
I have spent endless hours on technique, style changes, good mornings, Romanian deadlifts, Olympic lifts, high pulls, rack pulls, etc. but with limited success. It wasn’t until I made a trip to Finland for a meet that I finally saw the missing piece of the equation which allowed me to see the whole picture better than I had before.

Lifting accessories have been around since lifting began. Accessories cover the gambit from bars to gloves to belts to hats to knee and wrist wraps.

Finnish Deadlift Secrets
Through out the years, the deadlift has been our ”national sport” here in Finland. World records have been broken since the early 70´s. What makes Finns pull so much, what is their secret ?

Deadlifting with the Finnish Master
When Marc was in Finland for the WPO Semi-Finals in November of 2005, he met some great people from all over the world that he has forged friendships with. This has been helpful because he is now able to draw from the knowledge of incredible lifters from everywhere.

How to Increase Your Squat and Deadlift
While sitting in the warm-up room at the W.P.C. World Championships in Lake George, N.Y., I reflected on the three squat attempts I had just completed in bewilderment. I just bombed out my third time in the last 4 meets, and in addition hurt myself during the warm-ups.

Prowler Envy
A couple-a three years ago, we got a Prowler. Not just any Prowler, but one of the first ones out. Joey Batson, a strength coach for Clemson and Furman and I am sure a few other schools by now was given credit for this beautiful piece of pain.

Common Sense and Lifting
Nowadays, mostly because of the Internet and pure laziness, most things are done on perception, not reality based. I can talk on these because I have had my fair share of both. The Internet is a great tool for helping us live our lives but people are constantly on and if you want a opinion of any sort it is out there.
Death Grip
I struggle daily with the deadlift and grip issues. I have written a couple of articles about this over the years but it still plagues me constantly. If you have not read any of my articles, I will introduce myself. My name is Marc Bartley and I am a top power lifter with elite totals in several weight classes but mostly in the 275s and 308s

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