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Deadlifting with the Finnish Master

sBy Sakari

When Marc was in Finland for the WPO Semi-Finals in November of 2005, he met some great people from all over the world that he has forged friendships with. This has been helpful because he is now able to draw from the knowledge of incredible lifters from everywhere. One gentleman that Marc trades secrets with is Sakari from Finland. In the following e-mail Sakari sets up a great training cycle for the deadlift, put toegether by some of Finland's greatest deadlifters. He graciously offered that we publish this cycle on our website. Trying to bust out of rut in your deadlift training? Trying to work on speed off the floor, or improve the power in your hips for a truly strong sumo deadlift? Have you seen the FREAKS coming out of Europe that can pull crazy deadlift weights and use that awesome deadlift magic? Well then we think this routine is for you. Try it and let us know what you think


How is the bench going ? Did you get any plans on how to boost bench with same kind of hybrid like in the squat ?

I sat down with some guys and shared my ideas. There was several great deadlifters like Virtanen, Kumpuniemi, Nieminen and Juha Hiltunen. He is not famous but has done 881 in the gym, in the bodyweight of 220. Yes - 881 @ 220. He is in my opinion one of best experts here in the sumo pull.

Attached is a 16 week outline. It starts with sumo pulls standing on 1-2 inch block. We felt no higher is recommended, it will destroy form. You will end up sitting hips way back too long or pulling hips too high. Stop each rep on floor.

The second wave is Romanian DL´s. It fill fix you for a condition to pull big. Keep your back arched and use glutes and hams to move the bar, keep back arched. Do not let the bar touch floor.

The 3rd mini-cycle I pretty much stole from George Herring. He is one smart guy with 800+ pull in the 220´s at 47 age. It features reverse band pulls with sumo. Set the bands so that actual weight hits you in the knees. This is to fix the second sticking point at knee level and to get used to big weights. Aim for 100+ % on 3rd week.

The 4th wave is to deload, use both styles to let hips rest. Basically, only sumo sets are done for perfecting form.

Let me know what you think of this, feel free to comment. I have an idea of putting this out for lifters to try out. Maybe through EFS, what you think. If you want to put this on your site it´s sure fine with me.

Did big Donnie got married ? Tell him congrats from Finland ! How is his lifting going ?

Thanks, Sakari

Finnish Program:
Week 1: sumo pull standing on 1-2" block 6x2
Week 2: sumo pull standing on 1-2" block 6x2
Week 3: sumo pull standing on 1-2" block 6x2

Week 4: rest - no pulls

Week 5: romanian DL 4-5x5 pyramid 1 heavy set
Week 6: romanian DL 4-5x5 pyramid 1 heavy set
Week 7: romanian DL 4-5x5 pyramid 1 heavy set

Week 8: rest - no pulls

Week 9: reverse band DL 5-8x1 sumo style
Week 10: reverse band DL 5-8x1 sumo style
Week 11: reverse band DL 5-8x1 sumo style

Week 12: rest - no pulls

Week 13: Speed DL 5x3 65-75%
Week 14: Speed DL 5x3 55-65%
Week 15: Speed DL 5x3 45-55%

Week 16: KISA !


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